Grooming Schedule

Learn how often your special friend should have a groom!

What is a grooming schedule?

The frequency in which your furry friend needs a bit of a pamper can vary.

We’ve put together a handy schedule to help guide you on how often we recommend you have your beloved companion groomed.

This schedule is based on the HollyWoof Full Works Package and is estimated only!

For more information or to discuss your precious pup’s routine, please contact Kathy on 07305644120.

Grooming Schedule

Afghan hound4-6 weeksItalian Spinone10 weeks
Affenpinscher10-12 weeksJack Russell Terrier10-12 weeks
Airedale Terrier8-10 weeksJapanese Shiba Inu10 weeks
Akita8-10 weeksJapanese Chin4-6 weeks
Alaskan Malamute8-10 weeksKeeshond8-10 weeks
Australian Cattle Dog10-12 weeksKerry Blue Terrier8-10 weeks
Basset Hound6 -8 weeksKorthals Griffon8-10 weeks
Beagle12 weeksLabrador Retriever8-12 weeks
Bearded Collie10-12 weeksLabradoodle6-8 weeks
Bedlington Terrier4-6 weeksLakeland Terrier8-10 weeks
Bernese Mountain Dog12 weeksLeonberger8-10 weeks
Bichon Frise4-6 weeksLhasa Apso6-8 weeks
Bichon Bolognese4-6 weeksLow Chen6-8 weeks
Blood Hound8-12 weeksLurcher8-10 weeks
Border Collie6-8 weeksMalamute8-10 weeks
Border Terrier10-12 weeksMaltese6-8 weeks
Borzoi12 weeksManchester Terrier8-10 weeks
Boston Terrier12 weeksMastiff12 weeks
Bouvier des Flandres10-12 weeksMiniature Bull Terrier6-8 weeks
Boxer6-8 weeksNewfoundland12 weeks
Briard10-12 weeksNorfolk Terrier8-10 weeks
Bull Terrier4-6 weeksNorwich Terrier8-10 weeks
Bullmastiff8-10 weeksOld English Sheepdog8-10 weeks
Cairn Terrier10-12 weeksPapillon8-10 weeks
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel10-12 weeksParson Russell Terrier12 weeks
Cavipoo6-8 weeksPatterdale Terrier8-10 weeks
Chihuahua6-8 weeksPekingese10 weeks
Chinese Crested Powderpuff6-8 weeksPetit Bassett Griffon Vendeen8-10 weeks
Chinese Crested Hairless6-8 weeksPointer10-12 weeks
Chow Chow4-6 weeksPolish Sheepdog8-10 weeks
Clumber Spaniel10-12 weeksPomeranian10-12 weeks
Cocker Spaniel8-10 weeksPoodle4-6 weeks
Cockapoo6-8 weeksPortuguese Water Dog4-6 weeks
Corgi10-12 weeksPug10-12 weeks
Dachshund10-12 weeksPugapoo6-8 weeks
Dalmatian8 weeksPyrenean Mountain Dog12 weeks
Dandie Dinmont6-8 weeksRhodesian Ridgeback6-10 weeks
Deer Hound10 weeksRottweiler6-10 weeks
Doberman8-10 weeksRough Collie8-10 weeks
Dogue de Bordeaux8-10 weeksSaint Bernard12 weeks
English Bulldog4-6 weeksSaluki10-12 weeks
English Setter10-12 weeksSamoyed10-12 weeks
Elkhound8 weeksSchnauzer8-10 weeks
Field Spaniel8-10 weeksScottish Terrier8-10 weeks
French Bulldog10 weeks Shar Pei4-6 weeks
Finnish Lapphund12-16 weeksShetland Sheepdog (Sheltie)6-8 weeks
Finnish Spitz12-16 weeksShih Tzu6-8 weeks
Flat Coated Retriever8-10 weeksSiberian Husky6-10 weeks
German Long Haired Pointer10 weeksSkye Terrier4-5 weeks
German Shepherd6-10 weeksSoft Coated Wheaten Terrier6-10 weeks
German Pointer10-12 weeksSpringer Spaniel8-10 weeks
Goldendoodle4-6 weeksStaffordshire Bull Terrier10 weeks
Golden Retriever8-10 weeksTibetan Spaniel4-6 weeks
Gordon Setter10 weeksTibetan Terrier8-10 weeks
Great Dane8-10 weeksVizsla4-8 weeks
Grey Hound8-10 weeksWeimaraner6-10 weeks
Griffon Bruxellois10-12 weeksWelsh Corgi10-12 weeks
Havanese6-8 weeksWelsh Terrier8-10 weeks
Hungarian Vizsla8-10 weeksWest Highland White Terrier6 -10 weeks
Irish Setter10-12 weeksWhippet10-12 weeks
Irish Terrier8-10 weeksWire Fox Terrier6-10 weeks
Irish Wolfhound10-12 weeksYorkshire Terrier6-8 weeks
Afghan hound4-6 weeks
Affenpinscher10-12 weeks
Airedale Terrier8-10 weeks
Akita8-10 weeks
Alaskan Malamute8-10 weeks
Australian Cattle Dog10-12 weeks
Basset Hound6 -8 weeks
Beagle12 weeks
Bearded Collie10-12 weeks
Bedlington Terrier4-6 weeks
Bernese Mountain Dog12 weeks
Bichon Frise4-6 weeks
Bichon Bolognese4-6 weeks
Blood Hound8-12 weeks
Border Collie6-8 weeks
Border Terrier10-12 weeks
Borzoi12 weeks
Boston Terrier12 weeks
Bouvier des Flandres10-12 weeks
Boxer6-8 weeks
Briard10-12 weeks
Bull Terrier4-6 weeks
Bullmastiff8-10 weeks
Cairn Terrier10-12 weeks
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel10-12 weeks
Cavipoo6-8 weeks
Chihuahua6-8 weeks
Chinese Crested Powderpuff6-8 weeks
Chinese Crested Hairless6-8 weeks
Chow Chow4-6 weeks
Clumber Spaniel10-12 weeks
Cocker Spaniel8-10 weeks
Cockapoo6-8 weeks
Corgi10-12 weeks
Dachshund10-12 weeks
Dalmatian8 weeks
Dandie Dinmont6-8 weeks
Deer Hound10 weeks
Doberman8-10 weeks
Dogue de Bordeaux8-10 weeks
English Bulldog4-6 weeks
English Setter10-12 weeks
Elkhound8 weeks
Field Spaniel8-10 weeks
French Bulldog10 weeks
Finnish Lapphund12-16 weeks
Finnish Spitz12-16 weeks
Flat Coated Retriever8-10 weeks
German Long Haired Pointer10 weeks
German Shepherd6-10 weeks
German Pointer10-12 weeks
Goldendoodle4-6 weeks
Golden Retriever8-10 weeks
Gordon Setter10 weeks
Great Dane8-10 weeks
Grey Hound8-10 weeks
Griffon Bruxellois10-12 weeks
Havanese6-8 weeks
Hungarian Vizsla8-10 weeks
Irish Setter10-12 weeks
Irish Terrier8-10 weeks
Irish Wolfhound10-12 weeks
Italian Spinone10 weeks
Jack Russell Terrier10-12 weeks
Japanese Shiba Inu10 weeks
Japanese Chin4-6 weeks
Keeshond8-10 weeks
Kerry Blue Terrier8-10 weeks
Korthals Griffon8-10 weeks
Labrador Retriever8-12 weeks
Labradoodle6-8 weeks
Lakeland Terrier8-10 weeks
Leonberger8-10 weeks
Lhasa Apso6-8 weeks
Low Chen6-8 weeks
Lurcher8-10 weeks
Malamute8-10 weeks
Maltese6-8 weeks
Manchester Terrier8-10 weeks
Mastiff12 weeks
Miniature Bull Terrier6-8 weeks
Newfoundland12 weeks
Norfolk Terrier8-10 weeks
Norwich Terrier8-10 weeks
Old English Sheepdog8-10 weeks
Papillon8-10 weeks
Parson Russell Terrier12 weeks
Patterdale Terrier8-10 weeks
Pekingese10 weeks
Petit Bassett Griffon Vendeen8-10 weeks
Pointer10-12 weeks
Polish Sheepdog8-10 weeks
Pomeranian10-12 weeks
Poodle4-6 weeks
Portuguese Water Dog4-6 weeks
Pug10-12 weeks
Pugapoo6-8 weeks
Pyrenean Mountain Dog12 weeks
Rhodesian Ridgeback6-10 weeks
Rottweiler6-10 weeks
Rough Collie8-10 weeks
Saint Bernard12 weeks
Saluki10-12 weeks
Samoyed10-12 weeks
Schnauzer8-10 weeks
Scottish Terrier8-10 weeks
Shar Pei4-6 weeks
Shetland Sheepdog (Sheltie)6-8 weeks
Shih Tzu6-8 weeks
Siberian Husky6-10 weeks
Skye Terrier4-5 weeks
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier6-10 weeks
Springer Spaniel8-10 weeks
Staffordshire Bull Terrier10 weeks
Tibetan Spaniel4-6 weeks
Tibetan Terrier8-10 weeks
Vizsla4-8 weeks
Weimaraner6-10 weeks
Welsh Corgi10-12 weeks
Welsh Terrier8-10 weeks
West Highland White Terrier6 -10 weeks
Whippet10-12 weeks
Wire Fox Terrier6-10 weeks
Yorkshire Terrier6-8 weeks

We also offer a collection and drop off service.

If you would like us to collect and drop off your four legged friend,
we charge an additional £10 per treatment.

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